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Capture ⚡ lightning-fast feedback from any web page with annotated screenshots and video recordings

The fastest way to report bugs

Userback’s browser extension is a powerful bug reporting tool. With just a few clicks, you can pinpoint exactly where a bug is, show how to replicate it and give your developers all the info they need to fix it.

  • Console Logs
  • Session Information
  • Attachments
  • Custom Data
  • Screenshots
  • Video Recordings
Visual Feedback
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Collaborate with your team and clients

Invite your team and clients to add their own feedback with the browser extension. Simply add teammates to Userback, or share an extension key with clients, so they can submit feedback directly from their browser to your projects in Userback.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Save time by integrating Userback with the most popular bug tracking and project management tools.

See how they work

Our designers and developers love it! The ability to draw on the screen when giving feedback makes it easy to show exactly where an issue is.

Ben van Rooy Ben van Rooy, Founder - Human Capital

Why you need a visual website feedback tool

With Userback, your customers can easily provide feedback with video and annotated screenshots without ever leaving your website. Get visual feedback - fast!

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