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Customize how users give you feedback from inside your web applications

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Customize feedback for your app

Userback is so much more than just a feedback button. With our JavaScript API you can tailor the whole feedback experience for users.

  • Set default values
  • Capture user data
  • Change languages
  • Dynamic widget options
  • Trigger feedback requests
  • Integrate with your app

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1// Customize widget options
2Userback.widget_settings = {
3    language : "fr",
4    style : "text",
5    trigger_type: "page_load",
6    device_type: "desktop,tablet,phone",
7    button_colour: "#2878F0"

1// Set custom data in API
3    account_id : 12345,
4    user_id : 26543,
5    name: "John"
6    email: ""
7    app_id: "ds8f-7afd-9fa7"
8    plan: "Professional"
9    age: 32
10    component: "Product Dashboard"

Better understand your customers

With the Javascript API it’s really easy to capture customer metadata. Save customers the hassle and automatically append custom data with their feedback whilst also giving your team everything they need to prioritize feedback and resolve issues faster.

  • Bug Reporting
  • Software Feature Requests
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Customer Satisfaction

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Userback is really easy to implement and customise in your application allowing you to collect detailed user feedback with screen annotations so your users can actually communicate their issues to you visually. We also use it internally to QA new features and it is extremely efficient and effective for this.

Joseph Whyte Joseph Whyte, Innovation Lead - Refinitiv Labs

Why you need a visual website feedback tool

With Userback, your customers can easily provide feedback with video and annotated screenshots without ever leaving your website. Get visual feedback - fast!

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